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Gilligan's Island, Season 3

Gilligan's Island, Season 3

Gilligan's Island

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1966-09-12
  • Episodes: 30
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
From 54 Ratings


Their three-hour tour is now a three-season television classic as the Skipper, Gilligan, the Howells, Ginger, Mary Anne and the Professor settle in to life on the island. The seven castaways struggle to survive the great outdoors β€” and the mindless meddling of hapless Gilligan, who always seems to ruin their chances of getting back to civilization! In the third season, Gilligan thinks he is becoming a vampire, the professor tries to repair a jetpack, an egotistical movie producer arrives and directs a musical version of Hamlet, the island is invaded by a spy who looks just like Gilligan, a witch doctor casts a spell, a compulsive kidnapper (comedy giant Don Rickles) plagues the castaways, Mrs. Howell receives love letters from a secret admirer and the gang attempts to contact a spacecraft in orbit. Television comedy was never the same after this wonderfully wacky series.


Title Time Price
1 Up At Bat 25:25 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
2 Gilligan vs. Gilligan 25:18 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
3 Pass the Vegetables Please 25:20 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
4 The Producer 25:25 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
5 Voodoo 25:25 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
6 Where There's a Will 25:21 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
7 Man With a Net 25:20 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
8 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 25:26 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
9 Ring Around Gilligan 25:25 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
10 Topsy Turvy 25:23 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
11 The Invasion 25:23 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
12 The Kidnapper 25:26 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
13 And Then There Were None 25:04 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
14 All About Eva 25:19 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
15 Gilligan Goes Gung Ho 25:12 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
16 Take a Dare 25:16 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
17 Court Martial 25:18 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
18 The Hunter 25:23 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
19 Lovey's Secret Admirer 25:26 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
20 Our Vines Have Tender Apes 25:01 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
21 Gilligan's Personal Magnetism 25:23 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
22 Splashdown 25:19 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
23 High Man On the Totem Pole 24:52 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
24 The Second Ginger Grant 25:26 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
25 The Secret of Gilligan's Island 25:21 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
26 Slave Girl 25:24 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
27 It's a Bird, It's a Plane... 25:18 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
28 The Pigeon 25:22 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
29 Bang! Bang! Bang! 24:50 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
30 Gilligan, the Goddess 25:01 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes



  • Best Show Ever

    By IceSkatingSwirlzz
    I have watched this since I was five and now I am almost 11. I watch this show every night. Now seeing I can buy it and watch whenever I want makes me happy! I think this show is funny, when ever Gilligan fails at life. XD it think this is a family friendly show everybody should watch!
  • I love Gillian's island

    By KD(Baller41)
    I love it it's a GREAT tv show!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–
  • Good Show.

    By Review queen123:)
    My siblings and I really enjoy this show. Very funny, and entertaining. I think kids and even adults will love this. I think for some people though, who don't appreciate old movies, songs, or books, it will seem a little cheesy or boring to them. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this show and I really love it I think it is HILARIOUS
  • The greatest season (farewell)

    By DisneyLover4Life
    Sadly this was the end of Gilligan and his adventures with his friends. The show's survival was always on question, and with the 60's decade getting more into the drugs and the hype to fight Vietnam involvement growing it was inevitable that shows would be cancelled and this is one that was. The "three hour tour" has since then sailed on into a Classic despite poor ratings back when it was required for better ratings for the show to survive. Now the only castaways left are Tina Louise (Ginger) and Dawn Wells (Maryann) this season is my favorite for it has some of the best episodes. All that's needed now is the Return to Gilligan's Island video (you people know you want more Gilligan)
  • Biggest fan

    By Mee cat
    I'm only 9 and I love it!!!!!!:-)
  • Great

    By xxsuperxx21

    By πŸŽΌπŸΎπŸˆπŸ’πŸ©πŸ±πŸΊ
    I started watching this on METV when i was about 4 months old i have loved it ever since
  • My fovorite tv show

    By funckynate
    for me being 11 years old I think gilligan's Island is very funny
  • Finally

    By Halo 5
    I have never seen it yet, but I know I'm not going to regret what I submitted!
  • Finally the third season!

    By agent mouthwash
    Now where is the Brady Bunch?