The Trixie & Katya Show

The Trixie & Katya Show

The Trixie & Katya Show

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-10-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 15
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 18.99
From 2 Ratings


Trixie and Katya explore the important topics: Porn, Death, Fear, Break Ups, Sexual Health, and Self Love, among others.


Title Time Price
1 Hooking Up 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
2 Death 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
3 Porn 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
4 Fear 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
5 Break Ups 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
6 Spirituality 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
7 Sexual Health 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
8 Self Love 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
9 Ass 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
10 The Internet 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
11 Lies 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
12 Money 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
13 Taboos 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
14 Family 22:30 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
15 The Trixie & Katya Show Sneak Peek 01:00 Free  Buy on iTunes




    By @abe924fly
    These gals are so, so funny. They talk about topics that have been talked about for centuries but make it fun and entertainting. Love, love, love the trixie and katya show.
  • Would be overpriced if it were free on YouTube

    By TrekkieTravis
    I had high hopes for this. I loved Katya on Drag Race and was so-so on Trixie. After suffering throught the first episode, I can honesty say that was perhaps the worst television show I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. Epic fail.

    By N1CKxP
    My boyfriend and I love the show and wait for it every week! If you love Trixie and Katya you’ll love this!
  • Oh Honey !

    By MarkoBueno
    I love this two !!!! Hysterical! ❤️
  • 🧡

    By Bearded_platypus
    Everyone keeps saying it’s rushed. So was the YouTube vlog show. They were all 20 mins tops. So anyone who gives this show less then a 5 Star’s clearly are stupid and just think they know what they are talking about. The show is great I just wish Their was more then 4 episodes. I don’t feel like they are being pressured into saying stuff it’s the same thing. You gays just need to find something better to do then drink and do nothing but judge others Because it’s not up to your liking just be happy for someone is actually bring laughter to others then going to a bar and drinking with no life. Not every gay is a low life bar and club goer some have lives and just look at it for what is is!!! FUNNNYYYY!!! they are great and I think the show is amazing.
  • :)

    By madhjj
    great show, love the street aspect to it. cool to see them as themselves and not just in drag.
  • Coming to the stage... Forgettable

    By sford1380
    The YouTube series was priceless and pure. My friends and I regularly quote those episodes and rewatch for ecstatic laughs. Such joy! This Viceland version is not even close to what Trixie and Katya had on YouTube. I’ve tried to watch this with an open mind, but it feels like a forced effort. The jokes don’t land. The pacing is breakneck. There are too many short segments. I could go on. It’s a shame this is what became of my absolute favorite webseries. Maybe they’re just trying to find their footing? Maybe there are too many cooks in the kitchen? Maybe the pressure of a TV show got to them? Who knows...
  • Amazing

    By Kuma10021
  • Love these Bs

    By Raycrayal
    Skinny Legends ❤️
  • Great

    By Thatpyromanic13
    This is worth the money. Really good show