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The Shannara Chronicles, Season 2

The Shannara Chronicles, Season 2

The Shannara Chronicles

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 17
  • iTunes Price: USD 16.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99
From 254 Ratings


A year after the events of last season, The Four Lands is in chaos. The re-emergence of magic has the populace terrified, and an organization called The Crimson is hunting down magic users, using fear and intimidation to sow discord among the races. Wil Ohmsford, scarred by the loss of Amberle and his separation from Eritrea, has turned his back on his magical destiny to become a healer. But when a mysterious woman named Mareth saves Wil from a Crimson attack, he is forced to rejoin the fight. After reuniting with Eretria, Wil and Mareth seek out Allanon, only to learn that the Druid’s former protege, Bandon, is on a mission to resurrect a creature of darkest evil: The Warlock Lord. Together, our heroes must band together to take down The Crimson and prevent Bandon from unleashing an even greater threat upon the Four Lands… before it’s too late.


Title Time Price
1 Druid 43:31 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
2 Wraith 42:48 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
3 Graymark 42:47 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
4 Dweller 42:44 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
5 Paranor 42:48 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
6 Crimson 41:51 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
7 Warlock 42:18 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
8 Amberle 42:42 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
9 Wilderun 41:51 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
10 Blood 41:42 USD 1.99  Buy on iTunes
11 The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Trailer 01:11 Free  Buy on iTunes
12 The Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Allano 01:02 Free  Buy on iTunes
13 The Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Sit Do 03:50 Free  Buy on iTunes
14 The Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Inside 01:49 Free  Buy on iTunes
15 The Shannara Chronicles: Season 2: New C 02:24 Free  Buy on iTunes
16 The Shannara Chronicles: Season 2: Austi 01:12 Free  Buy on iTunes
17 The Shannara Chronicles: Season 2: Ivana 01:01 Free  Buy on iTunes



  • S2 Huge Improvements

    By Makinganametorateappswith
    This Amazing. If you’re expecting the books, don’t. Let this be its own authentic fun story.
  • Not like the books

    By sdgdf
    Not like the books
  • The same crap

    By Da Camel2
    This is as bad as the previous year. The writers have got to be 12 y/o?!
  • Season 1 Great! Season 2 not as much.

    By vegaskane
    I watched the whole thing, and though decent, I do think the physical acting (swords excettera) for a season of 10 was a bit week, also felt the lesbian thing though maybe not an agenda did feel a bit forced. Spoiler, disapointed a certain druid is dead one of my favorites from the show. And the trolls ... really need to work on that with the CGI they have still waiting to see a decent troll.
  • Good stuff

    By Boy Scout boy
    The show is good. It’s one show that has a good follow up season 2. However, the first season was a little better.
  • Love it

    By Ilikeunow
    Great show!
  • Bad, just bad

    By Reviewmasta1
    Decent first season left me with at least some hope that it will not be a mutant between LOR and Fallout, but something original. Alas no - each episode is worse than the next one. Drama is fake, sword fighting is simply awful and plot is laughable. I hope it will get cancelled soon.
  • Don’t listen to the homophobes

    By brazilianninja
    You might have scrolled through the reviews and read various rants disparaging the quality of this show—always with some kind of gross comment about the existence of an “agenda” simply because there is a same-sex relationship in this season 2. IGNORE THE HOMOPHOBES! This is an inventive, brilliantly-acted and written show that’s truly addicting. Each character has been well-developed and their journeys are believable. My biggest gripe with shows sometimes and that people don’t behave in a realistic way, but this show pleasantly surprised me from the very first episode, and season 2 is looking even better. The whole world the showrunners have built is amazing and well thought-out. If you like sci-fi or just a well-written show, I highly recommend this one.
  • The plot thickens

    By Sh1ftyy
    I’ve never read the books but I dig the show. For a television series, the quality of CG is amazing. The unique spin on the fantasy setting is fun to watch, and the characters and story keep me captivated. Definitely a recommend.
  • Epic!

    By fan of superhero movies
    Loved it! Epic, cinematic fantasy, fresh take on classic fantasy.